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September 2012

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Early Arrival

I don’t really know what happened to me lately. Deprived maybe. Personal life is so tangled I can’t even find the way to straighten it up. Some people just love to see me frustrated, don’t they? And I’m sick of the love life issue. Come on… It’s almost two years. Just how many heartaches I have to bear while I’m with you?

By the way, the addiction over EXO started to creeping me out that I started to digging more about them just like the first week when I’m head over heels towards TVXQ. And by the time I found TVXQ, there were no such a thing called scenarios. Bless you scenario writers who understands of how romance deprived we are.

This is a Kyungsoo/OC drabble. I’m going to use Kris at first but with Kris, I think things didn’t end up in the kitchen. Fay is actually me, but, whatever. I wrote this for myself anyway.

 The magnetic key beeped with the door being abruptly opened. Kyungsoo  was concentrating on composing his newest ballad project inside his very own mini studio didn’t hear the hard steps from the living room. There was a loud thud from a heavy bag being carelessly thrown to the floor. Still, Kyungsoo were too engrossed with his work.

Minutes later, Kyungsoo  finally take his headphones off. Reaching out his hand for his coffee mug, he pressed his plump lips lightly to the lucky mug to realize it was empty. Kyungsoo came out to see a suitcase lying on the floor with a purse placed on the coffee table. A wide smile plastered on his face. She’s home.

He walked to their shared room but found no one, he’s also checked the bathroom but it was empty. Where is she? He thought. With the coffee mug still on his grip, he then walked excitedly to the kitchen hoping that she would be there.

“ Hey! I thou- Fay?” Kyungsoo walked closer to her. She was sitting on the dining table, looking down on her lap with her foot swayed slow.

“Oh, Oppa..” She look up, flashing a faint smile. “I didn’t know you were home.”

Hovering shadow on her height, Kyungsoo raised an eyebrow at her. He felt something was off. “Isn’t your flight back supposed to be three days later? Or am I lost count of the dates?”

“No, you’re right. It’s supposed to be three days from now…” Fay let out a single breath.

“Can’t I just come home earlier? I miss you…” She stretched out her hands, hugging Kyungsoo on his slender waist.

In the other hand, despite of his curiosity over her sudden appearance, Kyungsoo wrapping his arms around her shoulder  then giving a peck on her temple.

“I miss you too, Fay… How’s trip back to your homeland? Was it fun?”

“Pain in the ass.” She answered shortly.

Kyungsoo backed away a little, searching for her eyes as he let out a faint chuckle.

“Oh now I figured out how come you went back to Korea before the scheduled flight. Mind to tell me the story over a nice sizzling hot kimchi spaghetti?” 

Fay nodded as she leaned her head to his chest.

“Do Kyungsoo’s signature dish?”

“Of course..”

“Extra meatballs, please…?” Fay cooed.

Kyungsoo leaned down, pressing his lips gently to hers. “Ready to serve, Ma'am.”