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Sep. 28th, 2012

[Seven Shards: Hyoae Fay centric] Common Room

Fay crutched down here and there around the Gryffindor common room ever since this afternoon. She just went back after the dinner with fellow BBL and Blayze is yet to be found. The gray-furred Russian Blue is really good at playing hide and seek. Tia said maybe he’s hiding somewhere warm since winter is almost here. Sehun – another fairy from Hufflepuff which happened to be Fay’s childhood friend back in Korea – suggested her to left Blayze in a cage when she’s out for class. But Blayze is an active kind of cat so it would stressed the beautiful cat.

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Sep. 10th, 2012

After The Long Gone

Tonight, I was laying on my bed, listening to the pouring rain. It has been months since the last time the rain decided to pour above our roof. I always felt good whenever it rains. The droplets clears my mind. And as you can relate, my muse is depend on the weather. Chilly days with cold breeze and the smell of wet ground is always my favorite. 

Sep. 9th, 2012

Absolute Boyfriend [絶対彼氏]

I came up with this idea after watching the first 3 episodes of the drama. That was cute and that’s it, I’m going to make the ‘Fay’ version of Absolute Boyfriend. The story, plot, even the dialogue is just the same. Only there are some twists here. Just take a guess. So far, this has been what I’m working on. Maybe later I will continue when I (finally) got break to watch the drama again and start writing. Until then!

20 years old Fay is getting her heart broken for the nth time. She keeps doing something that could harm herself.  Fay is now having a crush on guy who work at the library she went to for a part time job; Kai. One day, when she finally got the guts to confess, Fay got verbally rejected by Kai. For a reason, though. She tried her best to get rid the feelings away but it’s hard not to paying attention to Kai since they work at the same place.

Meanwhile, Fay is having difficulties in solving the ‘crush’ problem. She visited the bar she used to go to, Son Qian’s. She’s another best friend of Fay. Fay frequently asked Son Qian for advices. As Fay keep going on with her disappointments towards men, there’s a man with black leather coat that have eyeing her for ever since she came in. Son Qian left for a while, the man approached Fay then giving out his name card. “I can definitely change your life.”

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Early Arrival

I don’t really know what happened to me lately. Deprived maybe. Personal life is so tangled I can’t even find the way to straighten it up. Some people just love to see me frustrated, don’t they? And I’m sick of the love life issue. Come on… It’s almost two years. Just how many heartaches I have to bear while I’m with you?

By the way, the addiction over EXO started to creeping me out that I started to digging more about them just like the first week when I’m head over heels towards TVXQ. And by the time I found TVXQ, there were no such a thing called scenarios. Bless you scenario writers who understands of how romance deprived we are.

This is a Kyungsoo/OC drabble. I’m going to use Kris at first but with Kris, I think things didn’t end up in the kitchen. Fay is actually me, but, whatever. I wrote this for myself anyway.

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Sep. 8th, 2012

It's not yet a goodbye

“Thanks a lot…” He said. Squeezing your hand on his grip.

Looking up to his face, you flashed a smile. “For?”

“Everything.” He let go of your hand. The lost of contact with his warm hand slightly disappointed you. But then he quickly pulled you closer while keep walking on the sideway. Holding you close around your shoulder. “ The treats, the chats, your time—“

“—nah… It’s nothing. I should’ve thanked you for asking me out. I almost got rotten inside my own house.” You purposely slowed your feet down, didn’t want for this night to end yet.

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“It’s been two years, isn’t it?”He turned his head low to look straight into her eyes across the table. She got slightly startled by the stare and gave him a light shrug.

“I don’t really count that kind of thing, honestly.” She said in a flat tone. “Does it even matter? I mean, we are not-“

He abruptly stop her by making such a facial expression, like he’s in utter shock.

“That hurts… I remember clearly the first time you started to clinging on me.” The sly smile plastered over his face.

“I..-I didn’t cling to anyone! You w-were the one who approaching me!” 

He let out a chuckle then outstretched his hands, squeezing your cheeks. Which annoyed you. He then pulled out, leaning his back to the cushion. Taking a soft sigh. The sound of his breath that she missed.

“I hurt you so much, aren’t I?” 

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Mar. 2nd, 2012

Just a Drabble

For the past few weeks I was really in a dull state and in no passion for doing anything related to the things that I love. Ironic. While listening to the pouring rain out there, I'm going to produce something rather than just wasting time on tumblr. This is the fail-est delusional thing ever. But... Enjoy~

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Jan. 20th, 2012

not so an intorduction

well hello~

I'm making this new LJ for some reasons (bored with the previous one) LOL
I was using hyo1808which is more like the younger version of me

I'm going to be more lively and active here. I also trying to post some of my ficlets that filling up my phone ><  I just like to write shorts things that I will (amen) elaborate once my muse has find its way home.

I'm in the midst of preparing my national exams and university entrance so there would be nothing much to post here. Wish me luck!

Until then~~