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September 2012

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It's not yet a goodbye

“Thanks a lot…” He said. Squeezing your hand on his grip.

Looking up to his face, you flashed a smile. “For?”

“Everything.” He let go of your hand. The lost of contact with his warm hand slightly disappointed you. But then he quickly pulled you closer while keep walking on the sideway. Holding you close around your shoulder. “ The treats, the chats, your time—“

“—nah… It’s nothing. I should’ve thanked you for asking me out. I almost got rotten inside my own house.” You purposely slowed your feet down, didn’t want for this night to end yet.

“Here we are.” Still holding on your shoulder, he just hailed the taxi for you eventually had to go back home.

You bid your goodbye by hugging him for a brief moment. Hesitantly walked towards the taxi. You slowly gripping on the handle bar but something feels like holding you back. Something you can’t miss and you just turned around facing him who’s still standing waiting for you to finally drift away.

“What’s wrong?” He said as he walked to you, looking at your eyes.

No words coming out from you. It’s odd, but somehow he managed to found out the meaning behind your silence and soft sighs. He caressed the strains of hair on your face and smiled to you, a warm smile that reenergizes you immediately.

“Alright.. I’ll come with you.”

During the drive back home you keep talking about the movies that you guys just watched earlier. How the dances also making you wants to move along but you just have to restrain yourself. He chuckled over your gross expression towards the sexy dancers and how you scolded him that he shouldn’t have looking at the screen so seriously.

You were leaning towards his board-comfortable shoulder while he keeping you close to him. Minutes later, he leaned his cheek to your hair collecting the sweet shampoo scents as he rubbing the small on your back making you silently fell asleep on his arms.

Unfortunately, the road was perfectly empty for  you already arrived in front of gate. You look at him with the same eyes you gave earlier.

There you go again, he thought. Giving kiss to your cheek as he hugged you for once more. “Go inside.. Your parents might be worried. It’s late already…”

You hugged him back, planted a soft kiss on his jaw. “I’m sorry for bothering you.. Coming with me all the way here.”

He pecked your nose. “Hush… It’s alright. I don’t want to part with you yet either. But now, you have to go inside. I’ll call you later, okay?”

You nodded against his clothed chest. “Okay…”

You parted away from the hug and walked towards the gate. Once you at the porch, he’s already standing beside the open door of the taxi. Waving him goodbye with smile as he waved to you the same way.

“Sleep early, no more tumblr.”

You chuckled at his remark. “I know…  The driver is waiting by the way.”

“Oh right..” He said then getting inside the car. You see him opening half of the window.


“Bye~ I’ll call you later..”

Then he drifts away.