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September 2012

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Absolute Boyfriend [絶対彼氏]

I came up with this idea after watching the first 3 episodes of the drama. That was cute and that’s it, I’m going to make the ‘Fay’ version of Absolute Boyfriend. The story, plot, even the dialogue is just the same. Only there are some twists here. Just take a guess. So far, this has been what I’m working on. Maybe later I will continue when I (finally) got break to watch the drama again and start writing. Until then!

20 years old Fay is getting her heart broken for the nth time. She keeps doing something that could harm herself.  Fay is now having a crush on guy who work at the library she went to for a part time job; Kai. One day, when she finally got the guts to confess, Fay got verbally rejected by Kai. For a reason, though. She tried her best to get rid the feelings away but it’s hard not to paying attention to Kai since they work at the same place.

Meanwhile, Fay is having difficulties in solving the ‘crush’ problem. She visited the bar she used to go to, Son Qian’s. She’s another best friend of Fay. Fay frequently asked Son Qian for advices. As Fay keep going on with her disappointments towards men, there’s a man with black leather coat that have eyeing her for ever since she came in. Son Qian left for a while, the man approached Fay then giving out his name card. “I can definitely change your life.”

“Perhaps love by nature is a sorrowful thing.” Said the blonde haired man.

            The taller one turn his head to the side then staring back at the glass room before him. “If the mass production is a success, then there won’t be any more women suffering.”

“But we have to find the test subject.” The blonde take a seat as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He hasn’t get any sleep since three days ago.

“Don’t worry. I will find the perfect woman for him” The taller put a hand on the other man's shoulder with an assuring grip o n it.

“So, a robot solely dedicated for love?”


Fay keeps rubbing on her palms from the cold breeze in November as she waiting for Kai in front of the cakery. Today is her day off so she come early while waiting for Kai to finish his shift. She wonders if Kai would ever come because of the unsure tone she heard on his “Great, meet you on 4!”

The wind blows coldly in November, even Fay’s thick layered sweater can’t prevent it to struck her bones. She started to get a runny nose when suddenly there’s a pair of  hand circled a nice knitted scarf around her neck.

            Fay turned her head back, “Oh, you came…” she said with a beaming smile.

            “Of course I would! Why don’t you wait inside? Your nose is getting red.” Kai lets out a fresh giggle with his right hand handed her a tissue.

            “Thanks… I thought if I wait here it would be easier for you to find me.”

            Kai holds Fay’s left hand, “I’m sorry to make you wait. Let’s go inside and have some hot chocolate, shall we?”

            “Sure!” Fay  nodded in excitement

         “This Raspberry soufflé taste so good! Fay, have a bite!” Kai handed a spoonful of the fluffy soufflé to her as she chew in delight

            “How did they make it so soft… I should try making one, shouldn’t I?” you tell him. Kai just smile.

            Suddenly his phone rang, Kai looking at the screen for a while then picking it up before the ringtone gets louder. “Hello? Oh-  alright. I’ll be right there…, sir.” Kai take a last sip  of his hot chocolate and he gets up from his seat.

“Fay, I’m so sorry but there’s something wrong with the scanning system at the library. Mr. Kwon just asked me to fix it.” He hurriedly gather his phone and wallet when Fay stopping him.

            “Wait, Kai.” She took a deep breath while looking at table than staring back at his furrowed eyebrows. “Kai, can we… go out? I mean, like-” Fay got stuttered.

            “We already did--going out… right now, aren’t we?” Kai also got confused by her sudden words.

“Look, I’m sorry, Fay, but I really have to go.”  Kai ruffled her hazel brown hair and walked away. “See ya!”

Fay hung her head low, glancing over Kai’s left over. “It’s over.”


 “IT’S OVER?!” Tao looking at Fay in disbelieve, the later just playing with her drink.

“It’s over even before I started it…” Fay let out a tired sigh.

“No way..” Tao said, “There must be hope. Kai is a nice guy. I’m sure there’s still a way to be with him.”

“If I said it’s over, then it is.” Fay leaned her cheek on the cold marble counter in Son Qian’s café. “I’m sorry to keep bothering you with this, Tao.”

“Non sense,” Tao smiled the sprinkled some water onFay’s face. “We’re friends right?”

Fay grabbed a tissue to dried the sprinkle then threw it to Tao’s face .

They were talking about work, about how Tao just spent over $800 for the newest collection of Gucci and what not that happened their daily life when suddenly a phone rings. Both of them checking on each other’s phone.

 “Oh it’s mine hehehe” Tao smiled cheekily.

“You should change that ringtone of yours, for god’s sake.” Fay throw an annoyed look to her friend who’s smiling like idiot.

“Your crush?” Fay asked.

Tao typed something quickly then put the phone back to his pocket. He’s now looking at Fay with a pout, always when he is sorry or need something from Fay. Thank  God it wasn’t the famous ‘bbuing bbuing’.

“I’m sorry, Fay …”

“Huh? Why are you sorry?” Fay eyeing him.

“She said YES for the dinner!!” Tao excitedly jumping around her, hugging his best friend then grabbing his wallet.

“Fay! Let’s have a dinner next week, with Son Qian jie too! I promise there will be no interruption! See you later!”

            “Bye!!” Son Qian waved to the enthusiastic Tao.

Fay looking at her friend running outside then leaned her cheeks back at the cold marble.

            “Stop being so gloomy over a guy, Fay.” Son Qian leaned to  the counter, “You will never get a boyfriend if you keep being like that.” She poured a glass of sprinkled soda to the giant mug and placed it in front of Fay’s  face.

            “Here. My treat. Drink up and forget your unrequited love.”

           “Soda? I thought you said it’s nice to get drunk when you’re having a problem.” Fay straighten her posture and taking a big gulp.

            “Sometimes it feels nice to be light headed. But when it comes to you who get drunk, I don’t want to harmed my employees to piggy back ride you home.” Son Qian grab her cigarette pack.

            “Son Qian, what I’ve told you about smoking?” Said a man with a doll like feature, hugging her from behind.

            “Chill out, Nichkhun. This is the last one.” Son Qian sucked on the white thing deeply while Nichkhun still clinging on her back.

            Fay finished her soda and feel a little disturbed by the lovers behind the counter.

            “Fay, I’m going out with Nichkhun for a while. Just call for Chanyeol or Kris if you need anything.” Son Qian took off her apron and walking out from where she used to serve people.

            Nichkhun gave Fay a comforting pat on her back as he walked out then Fay went back leaning to the counter.

            “I really need- uh I want a change in my life.”

There’s a man with black leather coat that have had eyeing for Fay ever since she came in. As soon as Son Qian left for a while, the man approached Fay and then giving out his name card. “I can definitely change your life.”


“Kronos..Heaven?” She turns her sight to the man with black leather jacket with a slight of smirk plastered on his flawless face.

“My name is Yoochun. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you”

“I’m Fay… Do I know you from somewhere?”

“No. We just meet now and I think you are the perfect women.”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean a perfect one for my project.”

“Wow, I’ve heard about this before.”   “You’re not going to kidnap me then selling me to the Russians mafia aren’t you?!”

“Calm down.. This is why most of the guy is scared with you. You concluded things too early.”

“How do you know about my personal life matter?”

“That’s not important. I’m here to help you with it. I can give you an ideal boyfriend.”

“Are you a matchmaker? My friend, Dee, is the best so get lost.”

“Really? Then why are you still living single when your  friends are out with their partners then?”

“Guess Dee is a great matchmaker but she has an unlucky friend, right here.”

“With me, there’s nothing to do with luck. Just think about it. The perfect man for you.”

“You sounds pervert…”

“I’m just sexually frustrated.. uhm anyway if you are interested, give me a call. Just for a little information here, your luck has just begun.”


“You finally call.”

“I think I’m going to consider using your service.”

“Be my guest… So, if this is your last decision, which I really appreciate that, would you come to my office this afternoon? We are going to discuss some things regarding your ideal boyfriend.”

“I will… This is for real right? I mean you’re not going to kidnap me then sell me to Russian mafia then make me put on the Matryoshka outfit right?”

“I won’t. This is might be surprising to you. But we are not that bunch of low lifes. You’re not anyway in similar with Matryoshka either... Did you know Pororo’s friend? Krong? Definitely the same with you. A little cranky.”

Fay hung up her phone.

That afternoon Fay arrived in front of a common-looking office building as she waiting for Yoochun to come and fetch her in the main lobby. She looks around but nothing yet looks suspicious.

“Who are you searching for? Russian mafia?” A guy with light blue striped shirt and black trousers smiled to her, making Fay jumped  in shock.

“Oh my God! You surprised me!”  She threw an annoyed look to him then let out a sigh.

“Good afternoon, Miss Fay. It’s really nice to finally having you here.”

Fay bowed a little as she keep looking around. “So, where’s your office, Yoochun-sshi?”

“Oh it’s in the 7th floor. Come on.” Yoochun motioned her to follow him to the elevator.

As soon as they arrived in the 7th floor, Fay still found nothing that suspicious to her vision. It just like an ordinary office. Yoochun then stop on a particular door. He turned the knob and walked in, Fay follow suit right behind him. There’s a man, a blonde-haired man sitting behind the desk.

“You must be Fay. Welcome to Kronos Heaven.” The man took off from his seat as he offered his hand for a shake.

Fay remotely shaking his hand and bow a little.

“This is Kim Junsu. He’s in charge of keeping everything is in the right place before your boyfriend is ready. Have a seat.” The blonde haired-man named Junsu smiled. Yoochun pulled a leather chair for Fay, there’s still doubt in her eyes. She’s thinking if this is the right choice. It feels surreal. She’s not even sure if these guys would not do anything harm to her.

“Please seat down Miss Fay.” Park Yoochun who met Fay just now gesturing her to take a seat on his laboratory like-office

Fay take a seat and she took a glance of a brochure on the table in front of her.

“Absolute Boyfriend?” She asked with furrowed eyebrows eyeing on Yoochun and the other guy with serious eyes.

“Yes. Absolute Boyfriend is Kronos Heaven’s newly experiment. The point of our project is to provide you and any women with the ideal type of their own boyfriend.” Yoochun explained.

“We are going to give you, Miss Fay, a free five days trial of our AB01.” The guy with serious looking and somewhat a high-pitched voice handed her another brochure.

“Here there are some application that-“

“Wait!” She abruptly stop him. “I don’t understand what this is all about. An ideal boyfriend? Is this a matchmaking company? Not to being rude but I have a trauma with a company like yours. Thanks for the offer but I will never take any of your models.” She bowed to both of them and walked to the glass door.

“Junsu…” Yoochun whispered.

Junsu took a deep sigh “Miss Fay, our company is more than a matchmaking media.  Here, we make your ideal boyfriend.”

Fay’s hand which already holding the door handle got froze as well as her knees. Did she hear that right? They made the “Ideal Boyfriend”?


            Fay take her seat back while Junsu turns his computer screen so it’s now facing her.

            “Those are the features that you can choose, you shape his personality and his looks.” Yoochun handed her a stylus.

Fay hold it nervously as she started with the request form. Her view of an ideal boyfriend is that she likes it if the boyfriend is a little jealous, which means he’s aware of his responsibility in the relationship. The ideal boyfriend is the guy with high intelligence, above hers but she detested a cocky-guy. The guy has to be the one with a refreshing smile. After a tiresome day at college and work they will meet up and the presence of a warm smile will ease all of your worries. The ideal boyfriend also has to be a reliable guy. Not that Fay  is going to cling on him forever, at least he would be there when she needed him the most. For the personality, a lenient guy would be the most comfortable one. By lenient he’s a guy that would tolerate his girlfriend, but still in the reasonable way. Sometimes a strict guy is kind of annoying and a girly guy? Experience told Fay that a girly guy is only for her company to shopping and also a good drinking buddy. Not more.

Regarding to his physical appearance, Fay didn’t ask much. Just a normal guy with a considerate amount of muscles. The last question bugged her the most.

“Sexual preference…?” Fay mumbled under her breath then giving a soft tab on the screen.

Yoochun let out a light chuckled and received a glare from Junsu. “A slightly adventurous one, I see.”

“Now please sign on the space given and feel free to add any special features if you desire.” Junsu said.

“Whenever I’m in trouble, he will fly to my rescue.”

                  Yoochun leaned closer to Fay, making her nervous. “With this, your life has changed.”