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September 2012

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[Seven Shards: Hyoae Fay centric] Common Room

Fay crutched down here and there around the Gryffindor common room ever since this afternoon. She just went back after the dinner with fellow BBL and Blayze is yet to be found. The gray-furred Russian Blue is really good at playing hide and seek. Tia said maybe he’s hiding somewhere warm since winter is almost here. Sehun – another fairy from Hufflepuff which happened to be Fay’s childhood friend back in Korea – suggested her to left Blayze in a cage when she’s out for class. But Blayze is an active kind of cat so it would stressed the beautiful cat.

Fay keep calling for his name, rummaging the stacked blankets in the corner, flipping out the cushions, even crawling under the couch until there’s a mewl coming from the stairwell. The boys room-stairwell. Fay looked up to see her cat comfortably snuggled to a guy. Not just a guy. He’s Kris Wu. Gryffindor’s quidditch captain. He’s the son of the youngest Chinese Emperor, Wu. He didn’t got the nickname “half-blood prince 2.0” for nothing.

“Looking for this fella?” Kris walked down the stairs to the empty Gryffindor’s common room.

“Um, yes.. I thought he was hiding somewhere around here. So… he’s been with you all the time?” Kris walked closer, sporting in black jeans and gray pull over. He placed Blayze down to the floor, the cat walked lazily to its owner.

“Your cat, has been frequently visiting my room, sitting upon my bed.”

Fay took Blayze in her arm as she smacked the fur things’ head softly. “I told you not to wander around while I’m gone…” Kris chuckled upon her remark. “I’m really sorry….” Fay hesitated.

“I’m Kris. You… don’t know me?”

Of course I know. The whole castle knows.

“I.. don’t really remember names..? Uhm, I’m Fay by the way.”

“Fairy.” Kris let out another faint chuckle. He sat down on the couch, patting the vacant spot beside him. The fire place letting out a crackle sounds from the burning logs. As she sat down, Blayze instantly ran away, missing through the darkness. Leaving his owner in total awkwardness.

“I see you always walking around with those girlfriends of yours.” She’s still oblivious that Kris have been paying attention on her that far.

“They’re my sisters. Well, not really blood related. But we are that close. What’s with that?”

Kris took a moment of silence before he said something faint that sounds like “Um… Nothing..”

Fay gave him a strange look. “The long haired-slytherin is my jiejie she’s in the 3rd nbsp;year, so practically she’s my guide here.”

“No offense, but to see a Gryffindor close with Slytherin is kinda odd for me.”

“I see nothing’s wrong with that.” She gave him smile.

The night was getting colder and the awkward mood can’t be helped. Only the sounds from the fireplace and their own breathes. Hogwarts clock suddenly hummed low eleven times. It’s getting late. Fay peered over at Kris who’s fiddling his fingers on his bracelet.

“Fay.” He suddenly said. Setting off the cushions in between them aside, he turned facing her, right hand rubbing on his nape.

“I was wondering, maybe… Maybe you don’t have to bother your jiejie anymore or getting lost together with the mushroom haired-hufflepuff guy – Icanguideyouaround.” Kris said in one breath.

Fay actually catched on the last part clearly, but to see the mighty Kris Wu, who owned the quidditch field, squirmed on his seat upon the first year quarter-veela is kind of amusing.

“I’m sorry?” Fay trying so hard not to burst in laugh.

Kris seems to take a deep breath before answering the question. “I would like to show you around. I can be  your guide too, right?” Despite the whole lot of nervous feelings, Kris managed to smile confidently, showing off his charms. As he getting no respond from his junior, instead just a wide deer eye staring at him, Kris moved closer to Fay. As their shoulders brushed, sending each of them chill to the spine.


It took couple of seconds before Fay changed her facial expression. “Would you teach me how to fly? Madam Hooch is scary and I can’t concentrate well with intimidating surroundings.” She giggled.

Kris smiled widely, combed his golden locks back. “So it’s not intimidating when you’re with me?”

“—yet.” Fay looked down shyly.

Blayze appeared out of nowhere, he jumped to the couch and instantly getting himself comfortable in between Fay and Kris.

Fay unconsciously reaching out her left hand to pet the fur ball when she felt there was another hand already laid on top of Blayze’s head. She didn’t even tried to pulled out, neither do Kris. The flame has out already but somehow the two of them and even Blayze feel warm. The big and warm hand that belongs to Kris grab on Fay’s gently, when suddenly there was a creaked sound coming from upstairs.

“Fay, are you there?”

“Yes! I’ll be there soon!”

Fay got up in flash with Blayze in one of her hand. She started to walked when a tug was felt on her sweater.

“See you tomorrow…” Kris said sending butterflies to her stomach.

Fay gave him a short grip and a smile before she walked to the first stair as she turned around and waved. “See you tomorrow…”