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September 2012

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Just a Drabble

For the past few weeks I was really in a dull state and in no passion for doing anything related to the things that I love. Ironic. While listening to the pouring rain out there, I'm going to produce something rather than just wasting time on tumblr. This is the fail-est delusional thing ever. But... Enjoy~

You had a fit with people back at home and it was just so frustrating and inconvenient to stay under the same roof. You decided to packed your things and ride away to his house. It's 7 in the evening and he hasn't back yet. His guard, Shindong and Kangin, just letting you in with a big question mark on their faces. This is the first time you ever come over bring along a suitcase.

You walked in and then take a sit on the couch in the living room with a big lump, You tried to call him but there's no avail. Maybe he's busy or something. You thought. Latter you dozed off on the couch.

Around midnight Yunho drove back home from a tired some meeting back at his company. As he arrived home, his guards reported that you are inside but it's like something has had happened to you. "Thank you, Shindong and Kangin-sshi..."
He flashed a smile and walked inside. Checking to his phone, there are 5 miscalled from you. There must be something that bothering her.

Yunho saw your figure sitting on the couch with your head leaned to the arm rest, eyes closed and puffy. He stretched out his right hand, moved the strains of hair on your face.
"Hey.. Why won't you sleep in my room rather than hurting your neck sleeping here?". You opened your eyes and squinted a bit to adjust with the lights from above.
"You just came?".  As you straighten your body.
"Mhm.. Just a couple minutes ago. Shindong and Kangin told me that you came." Yunho take a seat beside you after taking his Armani suits off. He circled his strong arms around your shoulder.

"I'm sorry that I hadn't be able to pick up your calls. I was in the important meeting with the bosses from States." He kissed your nape apologetically.
"No worries, oppa..." You leaned back to him.

Yunho rubs your arms gently when one of his maid came to tell that you hasn't eat your dinner.
"It's past twelve hun.. Don't you starve?"
"I'm full. Almost bloat."
You replied short and just that Yunho realized that you are either sad  or pissed off.

"Let's just go to sleep then, shall we?" You nodded softly because you are getting really sleepy. Yunho and you walked the staircase to his room, you just clinging to his shirts, wrinkled its expensive fabric but Yunho doesn't mind at all.

Once he opened the door you directly walk to his bed and slumped like a homeless. Well you are, for the weekend.
"Silly.." He muttered while shaking his head as he heading to the bathroom. He then come out with a crisp musk scent wearing gray shirt and pants.
"You should change your clothes, baby..." Yunho sat on his side shaking your body gently. He already held one of your pajama from the suitcase.
"Mhmmm.." you muttered nonchalantly, taking the clothes from his hand. Stumbled upon the hollow air.

You came back hugging Yunho from behind who already laying on the bed reading book.
"Sleepy?" He asked, closing the book do
"I could bare it for a while. I want to talk. More like confessing sins. But aren't you tired?"

Yunho straightened his back as drag you closer to his broad shoulder. He's more than willing to hear you out. It's a rare occasion knowing you who always chirp like a little bird now in a devastating state.
"What is it hun?"

You take a deep breath as you let the words coming out from your lips. You always hide mostly all of your problems inside even from Yunho, whom you trust. And Yunho had himself quiet taken a back when you starts to choke on your words. He just there placed his chin to your head as he listen to you, not going to miss anything.

You've done with every single details but you still got the faint sobs. The shaking figure in his arms wrenched his heart.

"Are you still awake, ____?"
No reply.
Yunho let out a soft chuckle as he laid you down nicely and pull the covers to warm both of you. He gaze to your red face because you hold the tears so much, not wanted to look weak. But Yunho assured you that it won't make you less brave, then the tears just poured like streams.

Yunho held you close as he looked down. He wiped the stains of tears on your cheeks with his slender fingers and kiss you 'goodnight'. Tomorrow is Friday and he's planning on taking a day off until weekend officially ends.